Think Change was established to help leaders and organizations become the best they can be. The Leaders we work with may be business owners, executives, non-profit executive directors, middle managers, independent professionals or talented people just stepping in to leadership positions.

We are aware that all of the people we work with want to be the best they can be and drive excellent results for their own areas of responsibility and career and also to drive excellence for their organization.

The results will be different in each circumstance. Each organization has its unique metrics that apply to their circumstances. However, we know that some or all of the following are critical to most organizations:

  • Growth (may be revenue, donners, locations, market share etc.)
  • Profitability (not applicable for non-profits)
  • ROI
  • Cost control
  • Cash flow
  • Service levels and client retention
  • Workforce retention
  • Absenteeism reduction
  • Accident prevention
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Market reputation
  • Etc.

The one thing that all organizations have in common is that all of their results and therefore their success, is driven through the people who work in the organization. In today’s knowledge economy the only true differentiator for any organization is the quality and performance of their people.

At Think Change we are in the people business.

We help our clients achieve the key metrics above that are most important to them by providing them support in the areas that we know will have the biggest positive impact.

We specifically help our clients:

  • Engage their workforce (top to bottom and back)
  • Create and maintain a high performance culture
  • Develop strong individual leaders and teams

We measure our success by the positive changes in our clients defined key metrics and in achieving defined positive growth in leaders we are coaching.

Our Purpose

To help our clients be the best they can be.

Our Vision

To become a leader in positioning change as a positive natural path to happiness and success.

Our Core Values

  • All decisions made and actions taken are in the best interest of all stakeholders
  • Our integrity will never be violated
  • We will communicate with clarity
  • Positive focus will rule the day
  • We are always curious
  • Trust is paramount

Think Change Founder and Head Coach Charlie Martin

Charlie-MartinI am a results driven leader who has always understood that whatever results are achieved in any organization where I have influence are driven by the people in that organization. Before becoming a Certified Executive Coach in 2002 I spent over 35 years leading teams in challenging operating environments to deliver outstanding results.
My focus was always on beating the metrics and developing people. My career allowed me to have a very wide range of experiences including general management, operations, corporate accounting, sales, human resource development, remanufacturing and customer service. The range of my experience ranged from CEO to supervisor and everything in between and leading groups as large as 8,000 located in 68 locations to a small group of professionals providing sales and service training. My proudest accomplishments were watching people I had touched in some way go on to develop in to great leaders.

My broad business experience combined with the wide range of clients I have served over the years allows me to ask good questions and understand the answers without regard to the specific industry my clients are in.

My book “From OK to Excellence”, 7 Steps to a Productive Engaged Workforce provides insight to my beliefs about what it takes to create a high performing organization that the competition can’t match.
Memberships and Affiliations:

  • International Coach Federation
  • Institute of Coaching Professionals
  • Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable, STAR San Diego (Member of the Board of Directors and Chair Marketing and Communications Committee )
  • Tri City Hospital Foundation (Member of the Board of Trustees)

At Think Change we work with clients that are serious about making the individual changes necessary to be the best they can be or the organizational changes necessary to optimize the performance of their organization. Our solutions are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients and we never move forward without understanding the client’s view of their current circumstance and their end goal.