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Think Change

"Even if you're on the right track,
you'll get run over if you just sit there.
- Will Rogers"



Four Levels of Customer Service

Posted Excellence

Over a 20 year period Gallup interviewed over a billion customers trying to identify what customers really want. Customer’s wants vary by the industry and type of relationship but there were four levels of customer service expectations that remained fairly consistent across groups and they are hierarchical. The four are: • Advice • partnership •… Read More

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Leadership as Influence

Posted Leadership Development

My definition Leadership is demonstrating behaviors that influence others to want to act with passion to support the achievement of mutual goals. The key components of this definition include: • Demonstrating behaviors that influence others, which requires the leaders to be self-aware and aware of others. • Act with passion, which requires that the mission… Read More

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Measuring Contribution

Posted Workforce Engagement

As a manager or leader, have you ever hear this statement? What I do can’t be measured? In my years of implementing contribution management processes in my own organizations or for clients, I have heard that statement from an employee. Sometimes it was in a combative tone and sometimes it was in an inquisitive tone.… Read More

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Workforce Engagement Opportunities

Posted Excellence, Workforce Engagement

There has been a great deal of research over the past few years about workforce engagement. Individual companies, large and small, are continually doing research. They continue to try to figure out how to get the highest performance from their workforces. Academic institutions do continual research to add to the body of knowledge. Behavioral scientists,… Read More

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Purpose Drives Workforce Engagement

Posted Workforce Engagement

Why do you need a purpose, something bigger than making money, for your organization to drive workforce engagement? In today’s business environment obtaining information and applying knowledge is critical to the success and growth of any company. The rapid advances in technology has made information widely available and created a wide range of possibilities for… Read More

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