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Think Change

"Even if you're on the right track,
you'll get run over if you just sit there.
- Will Rogers"



Executive Coaching and Timing

Posted Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is most effective when the client is ready.The question is, when is the client ready?The easy answer to the question is, when they know they are. How will they know they are? Executive coaching in the true sense can only be successful when the candidate recognizes that they are stuck or needing additional… Read More

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Who is Responsible for Workforce Engagement?

Posted Excellence, Motivation, Workforce Engagement

Gallup announced recently that their engagement index which had been growing to above 33.0% for the last couple months has slipped to 32.7% in May. I’m wondering what there is to celebrate about 33.0% of the workforce being engaged. Does anyone think a workforce engagement level of somewhere in the 30’S is OK? What does… Read More

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The Culture Difference

Posted Best Places to Work, culture, Culture Change, Workforce Engagement

More and more organizations are noticing that their people are their main differentiator in today’s competitive knowledge economy. The Friday May 27 Wall Street Journal had an inserting article titled “Goldman Workers Are More Than a Number”. The article goes on to say, “While subtle, the changes at Goldman mark a softening of Wall Street’s… Read More

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Leadership Commitment Statement

Posted Inspiration, Leadership Development

I take the topic of leadership very seriously and have developed my philosophy taking in to consideration all of the various inputs I have received relative to leadership. I have seriously considered the following: • My fundamental beliefs about people as productive or unproductive members of society in whatever role they are playing • My… Read More

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Culture Defined

Posted Culture Change, Excellence, High Performing Culture

I recently heard a very interesting definition of company culture. “The way the work gets done”. This definition is very easy to remember and truly does encompass the elements of what culture is. Although the core driver behind culture is the core beliefs of the key cultural influencers (Business Owner, CEO, Sr. Team etc.) it… Read More

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Your Workforce is Everything

Posted High Performing Culture, Workforce Engagement

What sets the high performing companies apart from those just wishing and hoping? I listened to a very good CD recently that said that the differentiator is marketing. Perhaps that’s true and marketing is clearly critical. However does marketing grow out of the ground, can you pick it from a tree or pull it out… Read More

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Clarity Can Reduce Stress at Work

Posted Excellence

Stress, or at least the perception of stress seems to be everywhere in the workforce today. It doesn’t matter if I am working with a business owner, senior leader, front line manager or supervisor the topic of stress seems to crop up. What’s driving the feeling of stress in the workplace? There is no doubt… Read More

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