Leader Growth

Life is full of constant change. If you are not proactively making positive changes, you are not growing and if you are not growing you are falling behind. Leaders have a strong impact on growth, profit, client retention, employee retention and all the other key metrics in any organization. Effective leaders are always learning and growing. World class leaders have executive coaches who are helping them be the best they can be.

“Proactive positive change is driven by the decisions we make and actions we take to create the results we want before we experience change driven by someone else for the results they want.” Charlie Martin

We Work With…

We work with business owners, executives and independent professionals to help them make proactive positive changes in support of their continual growth, success and satisfaction.

Through our experience we have learned that circumstances usually create an obvious need for external support during change. Some of those change circumstances are:

  • Position change: (promotion, move from a technical position to a leadership/managerial position, lateral move with a functional change)
  • Organizational change: (merger, acquisition, sale, rapid growth,  restructure, downsizing)
  • Exit Strategies: Many times  business owners retain advisors to create the financial, legal, process and procedural steps and actions necessary to support the owners financial goals but leave the business owner with the question, “what now?”. We have found that leaving this question unaddressed can completely derail the exit strategy or at a minimum leave the exiting business owner completely unprepared for her next life phase
  • Burn out or Stagnation: No matter who you are in today’s fast passed 365/24/7 world it is very easy to reach burn out status or begin to feel stagnant and not recognize what’s happening. It is entirely possible that the reason you have lost the jest that you used to have for your career is that you are buried in the day to day crunch or perhaps even sameness of your job or career as opposed to looking at the world of possibilities. Many times changing the way you look at things can change the way things look.
  • Limiting Beliefs: Many times we set limits for ourselves by the beliefs we have. Our beliefs tend to become our reality and trigger the internal dialogue that informs us of what we can and can’t accomplish. If we can recognize these beliefs we can change them if they are getting in our way.

We Support…

We support positive change through Executive Coaching.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Successful Executive Coaching is a confidential process of discovery and growth facilitated by a knowledgeable, experienced trained professional coach with a willing client. The relationship between the coach and the client is positive and is always focused on the client. The client has a challenge of some kind or a growth objective and needs help in finding the best way forward.

The role of the coach is to help the client clearly define, acknowledge and articulate the challenge or growth objective, develop an action plan to achieve the change and then be held accountable for implementing the action plan.

The most effective executive coach will have highly refined listening skills and a strong background of business experience to allow them to ask focused questions in the context of the client’s experience. Although various assessment tools may be used from time to time in the coaching process they are all in the service of clearly understanding who the client is.

As the process evolves the client and the coach will arrive at goals and action steps for the client that will lead to the ultimate resolution of the challenge or movement toward the growth objective. The role of the coach, assuming the client accepts it, is to hold the client accountable for taking the steps that the client has identified to achieve the defined goal.

The coaching relationship may be as short as a few months and in some cases it may continue for an extended period. There is a case to be made that with the complexities of business and careers in the context of life in general that everyone can benefit from an ongoing relationship with a trusted experienced coach. Without help it is very different for any of us to see beyond our custom designed and validated world view. In other words, many times it’s hard for us to get out of our own way.