“The thing that was most helpful in working with Charlie was that he is a great listener; he has a long and broad business background and is a trained Executive Coach which helps him ask the right questions at the right time to help create clarity. As Charlie and I continued to work together I was able to reach the decision that I wanted to continue to practice law but at a less hectic pace than I had experienced for the last few years.

I am now a partner in a three person law firm working with partners that all want to build a successful practice and still have a reasonable life. I am grateful that Charlie was referred to me at just the right time. I would recommend him to anyone who is at some decision point in their career or just wants to continue to learn and grow in their profession.”

Sharon Bellows – UBM Law Group

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my wholehearted recommendation of Mr. Martin and Engagement Toolbox. Mr. Martin joined the Alderwood Resort Management team in obtaining the goal of becoming a performance-based company, including employees in multiple locations across California and Colorado. Mr. Martin has provided reliable and effective assistance in obtaining this goal and the process necessary to improve our internal review process.

Mr. Martin brings a calm, positive and “big picture” approach to all that he does. He knows what questions to ask to get to the point, and help others clarify the situation. Mr. Martin is a strong contributor and provides a valuable service and expertise to any business looking to improve and expand. He has a unique approach with a positive attitude. He has a deep knowledge of working with employees and co-workers to develop mutually beneficial results.

I recommend the services of Think.Change and Mr. Martin.”

Thomas Johnson – President / CEO
The Alderwood Group

“We retained Charlie as the leader of our performance management process within our organization and he made an incredible difference in our ability to get things done. Charlie helped us establish clarity about what we were trying to do. He also helped us to create the system to assure that our corporate goals were visible to our entire team and then helped the team to create their own goals that were aligned with ours to assure that the whole team ~ would win. He also helped the team to understand how their individual contribution tied to accomplishing our company goals.

I believe that having the right performance management system in place, with Charlie’s help and guidance, made a significant difference to our company success and it also has allowed me to focus on growing the business while still being able to stay on top of the performance of the team…”

John E. Small – Chairman/CEO Resort Com International

I worked with Charlie as my executive coach for about a year. When we first met, I was in a very visible position at the corporate office with responsibilities that touched all parts of the organization. I had risen to this position after being promoted 3 times in a short period of time. We started with my goals of being an influential reasonable voice in the organization and navigating the mine field of a rapidly growing company.

As we worked together on a weekly basis, the focus was on my understanding of who I am, and why and where I am headed, and why I am headed there. The ultimate goal was to help me become more effective in using my strengths to the advantage of the company and for my personal growth.

Charlie was always focused 100% on me and my goals. His strong corporate background and coaching training gave him the ability listen extremely well and to ask the right questions at the right time; to help me get out of my own way in thinking about some of the issues I was facing. He encouraged me to continue to work on learning more about myself with assessments and reading, which always added value.

As we continued to work together, I was promoted again to the technical lead of our largest test/production site, and subsequently asked to take on more responsibility at that location as site manager. Our coaching relationship changed from in person meetings to a combination of Skype and telephone meetings. Although Charlie and I both preferred to meet face to face, the Skype and telephone meeting continued to be effective.

Working with Charlie was very beneficial to me, and has clearly been a great investment in my development by my company. It is rare that any of us get the opportunity to have a relationship with someone who is not judging us, has no hidden agenda, and is there to support us 100% while continually encouraging our growth.

I would recommend Charlie to anyone who is serious about their continual growth, development, and personal and professional success.

Rebecca White – Director of Cultivation and Site Manager
Sapphire Energy, Inc.