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According to a Gallup study, Managers Account for 70% of the Variance in a Company’s Productivity.
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Bridging the Productivity Gap: Our Step by Step Approach

Optimizing the performance of your middle management team to reduce turnover, improve productivity, retain customers and improve your bottom-line profit.

At Think Change we offer a simple, straight forward solution to converting the 70% management productivity gap to a 100% performance solution. Our approach focuses on individual and team performance, it is always measurable and simple to adopt.

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Gallup Study of 2 million employees and 3 hundred thousand Business Units

In a Gallup study of nearly 2 million employees and 300,000 business units confirmed that managers account for 70% of the variance in a company’s productivity. No other single factor from compensation to perception of senior leadership even came close. “That blew me out of my chair” says – Jim Clifton Gallup’s Chief Executive

Performance Coaching

When extended to the organization Performance Coaching can be defined as: Unlocking the potential of the organization by engaging leaders in the exploration of possibilities with the intention of excellence.
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Leadership Development

The most successful leader and manager development initiatives focus on developing leaders and managers in the process of achieving organizational goals.
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Our Process and Approach

Our approach is always focused on achieving measurable improvement of company performance metrics by improving individual and team performance.
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Are We A Good Fit?

The clients we work with believe that “Ok” is never good enough. That performance and success come by investing in their people and being customer centric.
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“Leaders today understand that the shortest distance between two points is no longer a straight line to achieving organizational excellence. Excellence is achieved by observing, listening, asking, influencing, engaging, demonstrating curiosity and flexibility to optimize the significant talents of the young and growing workforce”
Charlie Martin

Founder & Coach

Charlie has been a certified leadership coach for over 15 years. His original certification is from Georgetown University and he is certified as a professional certified coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. His clients have raged from independent professionals such as attorneys, Ph.D scientists, Ph.D candidates and independent small business owners to middle level and senior executives in a variety of industries including, multiple location hospitality, legal, biotech, financial services, professional services, multiple location restaurants, environmental planning, engineering and planning, cultural resource management, public sector organizations (County) and others.

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