Did You Get Better Today?

How often do we ask ourselves this question, did I get better today? Do we get so busy being ?crazy? busy that we don?t take the time to really think about whether we are getting better? I suspect that is the case. It seems that everyone I talk to or meet with at some point in our conversations shares with me that they are ?crazy? busy.

Perhaps its time to stop for a minute and look closely at whether we are getting better. If we are not getting better at what we do I suspect that we may be sliding backwards. Being satisfied with where we are doesn?t cut it anymore. There is so much change today that if we are not always working to get better and having a growth mindset we are falling behind.

Here are some questions to ask yourself at the end of each day:

  • What did I learn today?
  • What was I surprised about today?
  • How many times did I ask why and then pursue the answer?
  • Who did I observe and learn from today?
  • What approach to problem solving did I apply today that was a first for me?
  • How many times did I let the person I was talking to complete their thought without failing to listen because I was developing my answer to what I thought they said?
  • What issue did I look at in a new light?
  • How many times did I question my assumptions?
  • How many people did I help today and what did I learn in the process?
  • The questions above are just a few that you might ask yourself each day. Perhaps the questions above at too many and feel overwhelming. In that case just find one good question to ask yourself that will help you identify if you got better today?

I have found that the more I question whether I am continuing to learn and grow everyday the more anxious I am to do so. If you are not asking these kinds of growth-oriented questions of yourself each day, consider giving it a shot and see what happens.

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