From Ok to Excellence

7 steps to a productive, engaged workforce.

As a business owner, executive, manager, supervisor or worker, is OK ever good enough for you? Workforce engagement has stagnated in the US at around 30% for the fifteen years that the Gallup Corporation has been measuring it. From OK to Excellence provides seven steps to a productive engaged workforce. The book provides an overview of how the lack of workforce engagement is costing companies in the US millions and in some cases billions of dollars. These staggering costs are avoidable if leaders and managers would acknowledge that the people in organizations have the ability to significantly impact the success of the company by giving their discretionary energy. The book leads the reader through the seven steps with examples and stories that are easy to follow and implement by business owners, executive, managers or supervisors. The seven steps can be implemented and followed at any level in any organization leading to significant improvement in workforce engagement.?

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