Goals, Results and Some Reasons for the Gap Between the Two

Why is it sometimes so difficult to define goals and get results? There are many reasons and here are ten to start with:

1.?????We don?t clearly define the goal. We are not specific enough or don?t use words that we understand that will help us move toward success and we don?t clearly define what success is.

2.?????We don?t think clearly about the why behind our goals.

3.?????We think that having a goal is enough to get us going in the right direction.

4.?????We identify too many goals in too short a period so we are overwhelmed.

5.?????We fail to understand the need to have clearly defined action steps to achieve our goal.

6.?????We fail to get started.

7.?????We fail to celebrate short term gains.

8.?????We fail to define our priorities.

9.?????We set goals because someone else said we should.

10.?We are not committed to achieving the goals.

As you look at these ten reasons take some time to think about which of these reasons is causing you the biggest challenge. It may be helpful for you to step back and think about what you are really trying to achieve. If you achieve whatever goal or goals you have defined what will you have that you didn?t have before? If you can?t answer that question quickly you may be pursuing something that you are not really committed to.

Goal setting and achieving the desired results is like many other things in our lives. We don?t clearly define what we want.

Before you take any actions toward defining your business or personal goals take the time to step back and clearly define why you are setting the goals you are thinking about setting, what you will need to do to achieve the result you want and whether it is worth it to you.

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