It’s the End of Q4 Now What?

We are about at the end of 2018. We have been in Q4 since the start of October but now we?re down to the short strokes.The idea of Q 4 has many applications. In Q4 of a business year lots of interesting things happen. Here are a few:

There is usually a big push in the sales department to make the sales numbers

There is always a big push to make the bonus triggering profit numbers

Sometimes decisions are made to influence short term results at the potential expense of the future

Planning for the upcoming year usually happens during this time

Depending on the industry Q4 may be the source most of the revenue for the year so the focus can be extraordinary.

?Where else is Q4 or the idea behind Q4 obvious?

Football games always seem to reach a higher level of intensity in Q4. Many games are decided in Q 4. I wonder what the stats say about play in Q4, yards passing, sacks, ground gains, long punt returns, incredible catches etc. etc.? Although the math doesn?t exactly work in many other sports results are often driven by what happens in the last quarter of any contest.

Is there a Q4 segment of our life span? I believe there is. What happens in Q4 of a life? I suspect everybody has a different answer to what they believe their Q4 should look like. Is it making up for shortfalls, is it taking advantage of good long-term planning, is it giving back as thanks for all the help and gifts received so far, is it creating a legacy or trying to erase one? What is left to be done in Q4?

Where else in life does the idea of Q4 become visible? To clarify the idea; Q4 is that period that seems to be the last opportunity to make the best of whatever time is left in whatever event we are talking about. Now, we are at the end of Q4 of 2018, how has it gone for you?

Think about it as you move in to 2019. Q 4 will come around again. What if we treated every moment as if it was Q4? Interesting to think about


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