Measuring Performance

As a manager or leader, have you ever hear this statement? What I do can?t be measured? In my years of implementing performance management processes in my own organizations or for clients from time to time I have heard that statement from an employee. Sometimes it was in a combative tone and sometimes it was in an inquisitive tone. My answer has always been something like, if we can?t measure your contribution how can we pay you? That question nearly always leads to the identification of a way to measure that person?s contribution.

If you ever get that question from a member of your team try my approach and I believe that a way to measure the person?s contribution will eventually be found and agreed and everyone will be in a better place. It seems to me that it would be a bit sad if I came to work every day and wasn?t able to measure whether or not I was making a contribution.

Perhaps there are some positions that can?t be measured I have just never found one.

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