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A Step By Step Process

Our recommendations are always focused on achieving measurable improvement of your performance metrics, by improving individual and team performance.

01. Discovery

We spend the necessary time with you to clearly understand your goals and challenges. This usually requires a review of your current goals, an assessment of your communication processes and systems and, discussions with the people who have responsibility for achieving company goals.

02. Recommendations

After discovery we will provide recommendations about how we can move forward together to drive the changes necessary to overcome the identified challenges and achieve the defined goals. These recommendations will include the timing and cost of the engagement and the payment policy.

03. Commitment

We will define the desired result as clearly as possible as well as the time and engagement required of key people in your company to support our mutual success. We will agree on who the key internal support people will be and you will define the responsibilities and level of commitment required of the key people. This as a very important part of the engagement and will have a strong influence on our mutual success

04. Implementation and process

We will agree on the start date and expected end date for the engagement as well as check-in in points during the engagement.

05. Wrap up and next steps

As the engagement comes toward completion, we will agree on what we have accomplished and what actions you can take to assure that the results achieved are sustainable after the engagement is concluded.