The Seven Faces of Intention

was looking through my wallet this weekend and noticed that tucked away between insurance cards and other such documents was a small folded piece of paper with the heading The Seven Faces of Intention.

I?m not sure when I put this small piece of paper in my wallet, but I know why I put it there. My intention was to look at it every day as a guide for my thinking. Guess what, I not only haven?t been looking at it, but I didn?t even realize it was there or how long its been there. I don?t know who to credit the 7 faces with and I found things with that title from both Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer but in neither case was it exact. However, that doesn?t make it any less valuable.

The reason I am doing this post is to share these 7 faces with all of you as I believe they are very important. I plan to not only refer to the 7 faces more often from my wallet, but I am making a bigger copy right now and sticking it on my office wall.

Here are the 7 faces of intention in case you want to cut them out and keep them in your wallet for regular reference.

?The Seven Faces of Intention

  • Stop being offended
  • Let go of the need to win
  • Let go of your need to be right
  • Let go of your need to be superior
  • Let go of your need to have more
  • Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of achievements
  • Let go of your reputation

Depending on who you believe you are and your life stage following these 7 steps as a regular part of your life my feel challenging. Consider the possibility that knowing these 7 intentions and knowing when they are showing up for you and how they are serving you could have a positive impact for you. Give it a try, I am certainly going to,?finally.

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