Thoughtful Leadership

What is thoughtful leadership and how can you develop it?

As leaders we have significant influence on others in ways that we are not always conscious of. In fact, if we are not careful we can go through our days as leaders with not much though at all about the influence we are having while we are busy getting stuff done, achieving goals, meeting targets and doing the wide range of things that leaders do.

Who is watching you while you are leading? Perhaps everyone you come in contact with is watching you and learning from you. How many people that are watching you are learning things that they never want to do if and when they become leaders and how many want to emulate your actions as a leader? Have you ever given this any thought?

When you are in a leadership role you have the responsibility to be thoughtful because you are influencing people. No matter who you are, you are in a leadership role frequently. In many different facets of your life you are an influencer. You are also influencing your own career and how you are viewed by how you behave. People are always watching, partially if you are in a position with a title that infers leadership.

As a person in a leadership position, early in your career, you may not feel like you have much influence because there are so many people above you in your organization. The reality is that regardless of your organizational level as a leader you are being watched. Consider how much influence you may have over those that report to you. To gauge your possible influence, think about the influence those above you had on you before you became a leader and how much those still above you continue to influence you. Keep in mind that throughout your career and life you are being watched as you demonstrate leadership.

It will serve you well to be a thoughtful leader. In the role of a thoughtful leader you will be more likely to have a positive influence on those below you and help them learn and grow into strong positive leaders. You will also likely present yourself in a way that will have a positive influence on those that are watching you and determining your potential for future leadership roles.

It is critically important for you to notice your own behavior as a leader and be able to make adjustments as necessary throughout your career and life.

Be a thoughtful leader in all facets of your life.

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