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Experienced Executive

Charlie is an experienced executive who has held leadership positions from front line supervisor to senior executive positions including CEO in Service industry companies. His industry experience includes airlines, cruise lines, multiple location hotels, airport ground transportation. travel management, and airport management. Functional experience has included, operations, sales, corporate accounting, human resource development, general management as well as senior leadership positions with P&L responsibility for multiple locations.

Certified Leadership Coach

Charlie has been a certified leadership coach for over 15 years. His original certification is from Georgetown University and he is certified as a professional certified coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. His clients have raged from independent professionals such as attorneys, Ph.D scientists, Ph.D candidates and independent small business owners to middle level and senior executives in a variety of industries including, multiple location hospitality, legal, biotech, financial services, professional services, multiple location restaurants, environmental planning, engineering and planning, cultural resource management, public sector organizations (County) and others.

Author and Researcher

Published author of From OK to Excellence, 7 Steps to a Productive Engaged Workforce, available at Interviewed senior executives from 20 small and mid-sized companies in 2016 who were the winners of Best Places to Work awards in San Diego County. The interviews were focused on determining the impact of corporate culture on their financial success as well as winning the award. These interviews provided Charlie with a perspective on what it takes to achieve excellence in a variety of industries including nonprofits.

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Executive in Residence at California State University San Marcos

As an executive in residence for the College of Business Administration Charlie serves as a coach and mentor to students who are pursuing a degree in business. These students are millennials and Gen-Z which allows him to have a good perspective on the thinking, expectations and goals of young people entering the business world.