Beliefs, Behaviors and Results

There is no doubt that beliefs drive behaviors and behaviors drive results. Henry Ford is credited with saying ?whether you believe you can or believe you can?t you are right?. There is no doubt that belief systems are the catalyst for the way we see the world and therefore the way we act.

The challenge we all face is recognizing our beliefs and how they impact our behaviors and therefor our results. Its very challenging to stay consistently aware of our beliefs. Even if we somehow manage to stay aware, are we able to optimize our behaviors when triggered by experiencing a world view that is different than ours?

How can we get in touch with?our view?of what is?right?and?wrong, the way things are?supposed to?work, the way people?should?behave? I believe that getting in touch with our beliefs is a lifetime journey. Many of us have very strong beliefs about certain things and we are not clear where they came from; however, we are very sure our views are right. I know I have beliefs I?m not always aware of or can?t identify instantly, particularly if someone says or does something that pulls one of my triggers. The challenge we all face is understanding that our belief system has been developing and strengthening for our entire lives. We continually look for validation that our viewpoint is correct and, as you know, we can always find validation for our viewpoint if that is what we are looking for.

You might say, what?s the big deal? The big deal is that unless we can recognize how our beliefs limit our world view we not only limit our personal growth, we can put ourselves in challenging positions when dealing with other people or just navigating life. The best way to manage this challenge is to be aware that it is a fact of life and stay curious about our own beliefs and where they came from and how valid they are. We are all different and all come with a different DNA and then have different life experiences. All these things impact and strengthen our beliefs and our beliefs impact our behaviors and lead to results that can serve us or damage us.

The brief comments above are the tip of the iceberg.

I hope these brief comments make you curious enough that you want to know more and are willing to work on understanding yourself. The better we understand ourselves that better we can deal with life in a way that serves us well.

Good Luck.

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