Recognizing Engaged Employees

Getting 100% engagement from your full workforce seems to be challenging, how do you recognize an engaged employee?

?Some signs that an employee is engaged:

  • They are at work every day
  • They are on time
  • They are happy and upbeat more than not.
  • They are working on projects that allow them to use their strengths.
  • The work itself provides them with some performance feedback.
  • They are always interested in learning and growing.
  • They bring ideas to work.
  • They support team members.
  • They question things that make no sense to them.
  • They are always looking for projects or assignments that stretch them.
  • They know how what they do impacts the success of the business.
  • Their compensation package is good enough that money discussions are off the table.
  • They are looking for opportunities to contribute more through promotion or bigger assignments.
  • They are open to new ways to look at things or do things.

Some results you can expect with an engaged workforce:

  • Stronger revenue.
  • Higher profits.
  • Less discretionary turnover
  • A safer workplace.
  • Less absenteeism.
  • More creativity.
  • Higher productivity
  • A happier workplace
  • Better customer service and retention.
  • Easier recruitment.

The bottom line is with engagement you get discretionary contribution (going beyond just doing the job) and with discretionary contribution you get all kinds of amazing things.

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