The Big Why

Much has been written this year and for the last few years about the importance of finding your why. I believe the conversation is much bigger than finding your why although I do believe that is a very import factor in decision making.

Answering the why question is a major driver of behavior for all of us. Any action we take has a why behind it so its not surprising that newer members of the workforce are asking why on a regular basis. I suspect that regardless of what generation clump we are part of we have always wondered what the why was behind many actions we have observed at work.

Since most decisions are driven by a behind the scenes why, perhaps we should just automatically start providing the why behind actions every time the actions are impacting anyone.

When you observe behavior do you wonder what is driving the behavior, the why behind the action or response? The next time you are trying to sell an idea start your thought process around how you are going to make the sale by anticipating and answering the why question or questions that are going through the mind of the recipient of your message.

We are all driven by answering our whys perhaps we can take advantage of that fact by considering it in our communication efforts.

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