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Best Places to Work 2016

I had the pleasure of joining 733 other people last night for the celebration of the winners of the San Diego Business Journal best places to work awards. for 2016.

This was a crowd in the mood for celebration and appropriately so.

I have been in the process of interviewing senior leaders of some of the winners of The Best Places to Work Awards from 2015. Six of the companies I had interviews with were winners again this year. The companies are:

  • BusinessOnline
  • Coastal Payroll Services Inc.
  • New Horizons Learning Group
  • Renovate America
  • Titan SEO
  • Zeeto

Of these winners three of them placed in the top ten in their size category:

  • Coastal payroll Services Inc. (6)
  • Zeeto (3)
  • Titan SEO (2)

When I interviewed the leaders in these companies I was interested in what the core reason for their success was and whether they were not only winning the award but also successful in achieving all their business goals. The answer I found was that they were successful in all of their measures of success in addition to winning the award.

In talking about their success and the underpinning reasons the answer always was first about the people, the team, the workforce, the employees. With additional questions I learned that the key to ongoing success is their company culture. On a scale of 1-10 these leaders all placed the importance of company culture at 8 or above.

I will have much more to say about the importance of company culture and how to develop and maintain it as I continue to work on my next book with the place holder name of ?Leading with Culture?

If you want to know how to become a Best Places to Work, wherever you are it?s the secret hiding in plane sight?. Company Culture and there is a formula.

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