Managing Your Transitions

What is your story and how can knowing it help you manage your transition?

We all have a story and we tend to lose track of it if we don?t go back and visit it once in a while and write it done in its full glory. Without taking this step we can get stuck in recent history or our most current story based on the most current events and beliefs. Why listen to all those negative self-talk stories about what we can?t do and all the barriers? This kind of self-talk sucks because it?s mainly negative in nature.

If you chose to do this you need to go back as far as you can, at least to the start of your career. It will eventually need to be a story with a theme but it can start with bullet points that will help guide you to your full story.

?Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What goals have you accomplished for yourself and the organizations and people you have worked for at every stage of your career?
  • What obstacles have you overcome and how did you overcome each one?
  • What does everything you have done add up to? What does your history say about what you are extremely good at and why?
  • What have you learned about you?
  • What does your unique story say about what value you can bring to any opportunity (what problem can you solve, doors you can open, opportunities you can optimize)?
  • Clarify your uniqueness. Nobody is just like you. You have a unique combination of experiences and a unique combination of skills. Find all of them, create your story and then decide what you want to go for.
  • What are your core values and where did they come from?

Building your personal story is hard, takes a little time, requires real thought but can do amazing things for you and help determine what?s next for you.

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