Is OK Good Enough for You?

The question in the headline of this article is not about needing to win, needing to be right, needing to be superior or always needing to prove something. The question is about whether you have or ever will settle for being just Ok compared to what you could be, your own personal best?

How much time do to you spend in self-development, self-improvement of whatever name you want to apply to become the best you? Have you defined what your best might be? Many of us go through our life journey, experience success and accept what we have achieved as Ok and feel good about it. I?m not criticizing that behavior since I have spent considerable time in that space as well.

By accepting Ok as good enough what kind of an example have we been or are we being for those that might look up to us. Are we setting the kind of example that we want everyone to see and some emulate? Who set the example for us and why did we decide to let that example influence us so much? These are all interesting question and I ask myself these kinds of questions all the time. For me and perhaps for you as well is it time to reevaluate where we are and whether we are OK with where we are? I find myself constantly asking those questions about my past behaviors and I often don?t like the answers.

What can you do if you arrive at the conclusion that Ok is not good enough for you and you want to be the best you possible? I believe that before you can start making steps toward being the best you it is important to try to determine where you are on the best scale in all the different facets of our life.

You may want to consider where you are of the best you can be scale in the following dimensions of your life if they apply to you. This is a short list there are no doubt many more

  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Son, daughter
  • Sibling
  • Leader
  • Employee
  • Professional
  • Business owner
  • Health
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Aunt, uncle cousin etc.
  • Spirituality
  • Networker
  • Friend
  • Care giver
  • Philanthropist
  • Planner
  • Advisor
  • Coach

After you review where you are on your best scale in these areas and the ones you have added, what should you do? Good question, what can you do or what are you willing to do? My advice is that once you determine where you are on your best scale you take the time to think about what the best would be in each area and determine what steps you would need to take to get there.

Does the suggestion above sound like an impossible journey? It can sound like that; however, if you see it as a journey with no deadline and perhaps no end you can start defining the small steps you will need to take and begin taking them. Remember, this is your journey no one else?s so you can move at the pace that works for you in the priorities you have defined and quietly celebrate your successes. Depending on where you are on the best scale for all the areas you have identified, you may be surprised at comments you get from other people in your life as you make this journey. Remember that you are influencing more people than you know by your behavior.

Enjoy the journey and make it one that never ends.

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