What happens when you get a second chance at life?

It has become clear to me that as we pursue whatever career path or paths we have decided on that we are never able to separate our career pursuits from the rest of our lives. Wherever we go and whatever we do we always take ourselves with us. Even though there have been periods in my career when the general management thinking was that employees needed come to work and leave their real-life problems and challenges at home, it has never been possible and didn?t happen. We are dynamic humans and we always bring our whole selves to the party.

As I am writing this message, I am 7 years past an event that could have easily ended my life. Since I wasn?t conscious for the life-threatening moments I have learned the details from those that saved my life, starting with my wife and at least two highly skilled doctors. I did experience the 5 days in the ICU and the additional 7 days in the hospital but had no real understanding of what had happened because I was feeling fine for most of the ICU and remaining hospital days.

I?m sure I have a strong subconscious memory of everything, but the conscious understanding is from those that had the horrendous experience of witnessing the event.

After experiencing what should have been a life changing event, a time to reevaluate priorities and behaviors I didn?t really do much other than say I was going to make changes. Sure, I have been a little more conscious of some behaviors and made adjustments here and there, but I suspect that people that have known me before and after don?t notice any real difference.

I wonder what you would have done or what you did do if you had a similar experience? I also wonder why I have not thought clearly about the fact that I have been given a life extension for a reason and why I have not done anything about it.

After seven years last weekend its time for me to start making some efforts to use my extended time in the best way possible.

Although I have made some of the changes listed below many of them are new and this is a refresh and re commitment:

  • ?Thank God every day for the time extension and ask for guidance
  • Always support my wife in her journey to make a significant difference in future generations through her work while supporting her in every way personally as well
  • Value personal relationships more and let them know they are valued
  • Communicate more with family and longtime friends
  • Become more social and truly interested in other people
  • Work only with people and organizations I want to work with where I believe I can make a real contribution, they will appreciate it and I will enjoy it
  • Take more breaks that include a change of the environment
  • Allow for possibilities
  • Meditate more
  • Assume life will continue to go along as it is meant to and enjoy the journey
  • Let go of the need to be right
  • Be grateful for what I have
  • Be mindful of living in the moment as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow
  • Accept my weaknesses and celebrate my strengths
  • Celebrate moments, even small ones
  • Understand my intentions before acting
  • Celebrate my wellbeing by healthy eating, regular exercise and a positive mindset
  • Find a way to share the results of my experience with young people in a way that they can embrace and use to create more success for themselves.

I have no doubt that making these changes without any need to do them all in one day and with the intent of having a more positive impact on everyone I meet will have positive impacts that I can?t imagine.

I hope you can gain something from my self-disclosure.

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