The things that only you can do

If you are leading an organization of any size, have you identified the things that only you can do? Seriously, what are the things that only you can do?

I suspect that if you have given this question any serious thought you have come to the conclusion that there are very few things that you may be currently doing about which you can say you are the only one who can do them.

Does this question matter? Here are some considerations:

???????If someone on your team can do something you are doing what more important task that only you can do are you being kept away from doing?

???????If someone on your team could be doing something you are doing why are you taking this development opportunity away from them?

???????If someone else could be doing something you are doing is there a chance that they might be able to do it better?

This question is all about your mindset as a leader. Every time you say yes to something you say no to something else. If you are reading this and you are an early stage entrepreneur, you may be thinking that if you don?t do multiple things the work just won?t get done. I agree with you and know that you may tend to do to many of these things after you have built a team that could handle many of them. The same danger exists if you have recently been promoted in a work group where you have been an expert.?You initially be more comfortable falling back to the role of individual technical contributor as opposed to stepping up to the position of leader.

Whatever your leadership role is it?s important to be mindful about what you do versus what you delegate. Take the time to think about your skill set versus those that work for you. Don?t limit your thinking to today only, think about then future as you grow and have more challenges and opportunities. Watch you team members and notice where their natural talents are and find ways to help them to continue to develop. As you are helping them develop make sure you get out of their way and take the time to continue to develop yourself as well.

Do what you have to do when you don?t have much experience or expertise and do what only you can do as you grow in to bigger roles.

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