Your Personal Success Inventory

How often do you look at where you are and where you have been and all you have accomplished?

Regardless of your age and experience you have accomplished many things over the years you have been on the planet. If we are not careful we can allow our self-talk, which is mostly negatively focused, pointing out all the things we can?t do or are not worthy of, to get in our way. This can create self-doubt and erect artificial barriers that keep us from being all we can be.

If you have never done it before take the time to go back as far as you can remember and start a list of all the things you have accomplished up to now. This will take some detailed thinking because you may not give yourself credit for some amazing accomplishments because you have either not thought about them for a long time of just think they are no big deal.

Recognize your accomplishments in sports, education, leadership, helping others, being a proactive supportive brother, sister, parent aunt, uncle, friend. Think of these things in a time line so you don?t lump them and underplay them. Go deep and be proud of what you have achieved and who you are. You will find that you have accomplished much more than you have been giving yourself credit for and have been making a bigger difference than you may think you have.

If you get stuck with any of this just let a few people close to you know what you are doing and you are likely to find that you have had may positive impacts that you may not even been aware of.This exercise is part of the continuing journey from OK to excellence. We must from time to time do this exercise to allow us to correctly position ourselves on the journey. We have all accomplished much and made a much bigger difference that we believe we have. With this understanding we can continue to have positive influences and continue to learn and grow. We must understand what we have to offer before we can offer it.

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